TeaLovers.com Case Study

We started working on TeaLovers.com at the end of 2017, when Peng Lin, the Founder of VIVA Scandinavia, approached us to help him build TeaLovers.com from the ground up.

We’ve handled all marketing initiatives since the inception of the TeaLovers platform. This includes everything from email marketing, to Instagram marketing, to SEO, to influencer marketing, and so on.

For the past year, the site has been on pause as what initially started as a passion project for Peng and TeaLovers, has since developed into a much larger project. We’ve spent the past year developing the site from a basic forum and blog, to what is about to launch as a full on Yelp meets Social Network. Our goal is for TeaLovers to become the go-to resource for all things tea related.

Even though the site hasn’t been worked on for the past year, we set it up for success and it gets about 750+ visitors per day (and growing!). Once the site relaunches in August or September of 2019, we’ll actively be marketing the site again.

We expect to be able to double traffic in the first 2 months of relaunching the platform, which will put at about 1,500 daily website visitors, with the ultimate goal of 100,000+ monthly unique visitors.

As you can see from our Google Analytics screenshot below, we’ve drove almost 170,000 users to TeaLovers.com since inception.


Through our work on TeaLovers, we’ve developed a strong passion for drinking tea, helping educate others on the benefits of tea, connecting tea lovers, and working with tea brands to help them grow their business by acquiring new tea customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help grow your tea brand through the likes of paid acquisition, SEO, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing, please reach out!

If you’d prefer to text or call or email us vs. filling out the form below, you can reach one of our Founders, Chase, at: 1-949-396-2022 or chase@boundlesslabs.io

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