Boundless Labs - CBD Marketing Agency.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our CBD Marketing Agency (launched January 1, 2019)! As you may already know, we launched our own CBD brand in 2018 called ZenPup (which we wrote a little about here).

ZenPup is one of the leading CBD dog brands out in the market right now. We’ve been featured in Esquire Magazine, CNBC, Inverse, Merry Jane Magazine + dozens of others. We’ve also partnered with leading influencers and celebrities to promote our products.

It has been through this process of taking a brand from idea to a sustainable, revenue generating business that we’ve learned the in’s and out’s of the CBD industry.

So let's talk growth for your CBD brand.

We’re one of the ONLY CBD agencies that has built their own brand in the space. So we know exactly all the pain points you deal with as a CBD brand owner.

We look at growth with both the short and long-term in mind, with the ultimate goal of building an owned audience.

Plus, we get our hands dirty and execute across any marketing stack (emphasis on Facebook, Instagram, & Google paid acquisition + email marketing).

So drop us a line, and see why we are recognized as one of the best CBD growth and email marketing agencies out there.

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