Boundless Labs - CBD Marketing Agency.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our CBD Marketing Agency (launched January 1, 2019)! As you may already know, we launched our own CBD brand in 2018 called ZenPup (which we wrote a little about here).

ZenPup is one of the leading CBD dog brands out in the market right now. We’ve been featured in Esquire Magazine, CNBC, Inverse, Merry Jane Magazine + dozens of others. We’ve also partnered with leading influencers and celebrities to promote our products.

It has been through this process of taking a brand from idea to a sustainable, revenue generating business that we’ve learned the in’s and out’s of the CBD industry.

Services we offer:

  • Paid acquisition - We have ways to advertise CBD on Facebook, Instagram and Google that gets around their policies legally. Our strategies allow for sustainable, long-term paid acquisition. This isn’t one of those situations where everyday we’re having to put out fires and throw up new ads because they got shutdown. We’ve successfully figured out how to run ads for CBD brands just like we do for our traditional e-commerce brands we work with. We run ads for some of the largest players in the CBD space right now. We’re spending 10’s of thousands of dollars everyday on behalf of our clients with an average of a 2X to 5X return on ad-spend. We also run a fair amount of traffic leveraging Snapchat’s ad platform.

  • SEO - You may have noticed that we rank on page 1 of Google for terms like “CBD Agency”, “CBD Marketing Agency”, and so on. We are exceptional at creating content that ranks on page 1 of Google and the other major search engines.

  • Email Marketing - This is one of our specialties. We currently run email marketing for over a dozen brands. All of our brands drive between 25%-35% of their total revenue from email marketing. Across our current clients, we’re generating over $1M+ per month in revenue for the brands we work with from our email marketing efforts.

  • Influencer Marketing - We specialize in working with relevant micro-influencers (10K-50K followers) and larger influencers (50K+ followers) on Instagram. This is a great way to source tons of great user-generated content, product reviews on your website, as well as traffic and awareness.

  • PR + Affiliate Marketing - As mentioned above, we helped ZenPup get featured in the likes of Esquire Magazine, CNBC, Inverse, Merry Jane Magazine + dozens of others. Our feature on the homepage of Inverse alone drove thousands of dollars in orders within the first 24 hours of the article being published. Other than driving immediate sales, PR is also a great way to boost your SEO rankings as getting backlinks from these reputable websites helps increase your trust in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.

If you want to learn more about our marketing services as well as our pricing, please fill out the form a bit further down the page, and we’ll gladly share our deck with you. Our CBD deck includes all our services offered with straightforward and transparent pricing, as well as a couple case studies from brands we work with.

So let's talk growth for your CBD brand.

We’re one of the ONLY CBD agencies that has built their own brand in the space. So we know exactly all the pain points you deal with as a CBD brand owner.

We look at growth with both the short and long-term in mind, with the ultimate goal of building an owned audience.

Plus, we get our hands dirty and execute across any marketing stack (emphasis on Facebook, Instagram, Google & Snapchat paid acquisition + email marketing).

We’re fortunate to get to work with various types of fast growing CBD and Cannabis brands. Our clients range from fast-growing bootstrapped brands to incredible venture-backed businesses to some of the largest public companies.

So drop us a line, and see why we are recognized as one of the best CBD growth and email marketing agencies out there.

If you’d prefer to text or call us vs. filling out the form below, you can reach one of our Founders, Chase, at: 1-949-396-2022

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