In-House Vs. Outsourced Email Marketing - Everything You Should Know

Everything You Should Know About In-House Vs. Outsourced Email Marketing

It can be challenging to decide how to market your business and with all the choices available, you may even wonder how to begin. Email marketing is one way many companies are marketing to their customers. As more companies are using this tactic, more companies are popping up that offer to do the marketing for companies as well.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both in-house email marketing and outsourcing the job. By researching and making an informed decision, business owners are more likely to make the best choice for their company. Seeing how both of these can affect your company and learning about how they work will help you to make the best possible decision.

What is in-house email marketing?

In-housing means handling activities within a company by employees of the company. The decision concerning whether or not to keep a job in-house is made after carefully deliberating the associated cost and evaluating the possible risks that could arise by outsourcing such a job.

In-house email marketing involves creating the strategies and campaigns by someone within the business. This would include creating the emails to be sent, deciding when the emails will be sent, deciding on an email auto-responder, and generally managing the outgoing emails of the company.

How Can Business Owners Do The Marketing Themselves?

Although something that used to be difficult, new technology has paved the way for business owners to take marketing into their own hands and email marketing is no exception. New auto-responders are very easy for most people to manage and often offer many different templates and tips to get you started.

We are in a digital age and information is readily available for anyone with a keyboard and a will to learn. YouTube tutorials, e-books, and ultimate guides exist for those who are ready to create their own campaigns and marketing strategies. Although not for everyone, organizing campaigns, viewing analytics, and reaching out to customers via email is easier now than ever before.

Why Should a Company Not Handle Their Own Email Marketing?

However, there can disadvantages to doing marketing in-house. Learning how to create effective email campaigns can be time-consuming. Also, some may not know how to write a quality sales copy, which is used quite frequently in email marketing. It also takes extra time to manage the email auto-responder and email subscription list. Some companies may even find that they need to hire an employee specifically to do these jobs.

What is Outsourced Email Marketing?

In a business setting, outsourcing refers to the practice of giving out a task that could be performed within the organization by the employees of the organization to another party to handle. Outsourcing may be found in companies that are aiming to cut cost. They may also be wanting to free up more time to concentrate on other activities.

Outsourced email marketing involves hiring another company or contractor to create these emails and decide on a marketing strategy for your business. They generally copy write emails and email courses, along with managing your business’s account within the auto-responder.

Why Might a Company Choose to Outsource?

Companies may choose to outsource their email marketing for a variety of different reasons. Larger companies may wish to outsource the job to cut down costs by not having to staff a permanent employee to oversee the email marketing. Additionally, some business owners may want to concentrate on other aspects of the business than learn how to create successful email campaigns and courses.

Even though it is now easier to manage email marketing yourself than ever before, it is also easier to find someone to do the job for your company as well. Business management companies that also offer email marketing management are becoming more prevalent, and many provide reasonable rates to ensure that both large and small companies alike are able to use their services if they so choose.

What Can Go Wrong With Outsourcing?

Just as with in-house marketing, there are also disadvantages to outsourcing marketing. The company that the job is outsourced to may not effectively manage the email marketing. They may also fail to translate the company's vision correctly. Choosing a reputable company may help to minimize this risk. For small businesses that are just starting, it may be difficult to find the extra money needed to outsource.

In-House Email Marketing:


  • Ability to control every aspect

  • The possibility of a security problem due to information leak is reduced

  • You can establish a process best suited to your company


  • Can be costly, especially if hiring a dedicated employee becomes necessary

  • Efficiency could be lacking as the employees may not be very well acquainted with email marketing.

    Outsourcing the Email Marketing Role:


  • You are confident that the email marketing is in the hands of a professional and hence, can focus on other things.

  • The email marketing will get the attention it deserves, which it may not get if handled in-house.

  • You get the very best out of the campaign as the experts involved are a 100% undistracted.


  • You would just have to trust that the experts know what they are doing; you are not entirely in control.

  • Can be difficult for start-ups to find the capital to outsource

There are so many different components to marketing a business, and email marketing is one tactic many companies decide to use. Each company is unique, so it is up to each business to determine how they will proceed: either in-house or outsourcing their email marketing. By taking the time to weigh the pros and cons of each, and the decision may become much easier.

David Bozin