Announcing 2 New Email Marketing Agency Services

We’re thrilled to announce 2 new email marketing service offerings. Over the past 12 months we’ve been working on the 2 email marketing service offerings below with a select few clients (we worked with 3 clients that had annual revenues in the 6 and 7 figures). Due to the success of the pilot program, we’re officially opening it up to the public.

These two services we’ve been performing in-conjunction but we’re open to offering them à la carte. Although, we do believe they are more valuable as a pair.

  1. Email Audit

    Most companies seem to perform their email marketing efforts in-house so this is a great opportunity for brands to get an outside, expert analysis on where they are performing well, where they could improve, and what should be doing that they aren’t currently. Often times getting an outside perspective is the missing piece needed to scale your efforts. Because as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know and this is true with anything, not just email marketing.

    We structure these email audits in 2 parts:

    1. We dive into the company’s ESP (email service provider) and get to work identifying the things mentioned above (the good, areas to improve, and completely new areas that the brand hasn’t done).

      We usually prefer to not get any details or insight from the person managing it internally so it doesn’t sway our perspective.

      We start by looking at email acquisition (how are you currently acquiring subscribers and what could be done to increase your email collection rate).

      From there we then look at what’s been done on the email automation side. Once you collect someone’s email what are you sending them? How is it performing? How can we improve that? There is a whole set of automated emails that need to be setup at all stages of the customers journey.

      From here we then look into your campaigns. These are the emails that you should be sending for holidays, new releases, special offers, season changes, the list goes on.

      Finally we then look into email deliverability (are your emails reaching the people on your list?) as well as reporting and analytics (what trends are we seeing and how can we use it to better inform other marketing departments?).

    2. After compiling a report of our findings and recommendations, we present it to the person / people handling it internally.

      This normally leads to tons of questions that ultimately leads to them wanting us to coach them and walk them through what needs to be implemented which ties into the Email Consulting section below.

  2. Email Consulting

    After we’ve performed an extensive email audit as mentioned above, all of the companies we did the audit on asked us to continue on with their internal team to help them execute and optimize their brands email marketing efforts.

    We have email marketing experience working on and with 50+ brands ranging from pre-launch startups all the way to brands who are valued at over $1B. We’ve worked in dozens of industries and niches and we bring these insights and best practices into our consulting practice.

    The way the consulting works it that we essentially become apart of the internal team where we help “manage” and “train” the internal staff member(s). This allows everyone to win. The employees being guided win because they get to learn from experts (employees love it when employers invest into their growth). The company wins because they get to drive more revenue.

If you have any questions about our newest service offerings, please reach out to me directly, my email is My LinkedIn profile for reference, click here.

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