What makes a good inbound email marketing funnel?

What is an Email Marketing Funnel?

An email marketing funnel is a great way to captivate your audience, grow your email list, and scale up your business in a sustainable fashion. This funnel is often misinterpreted and old models stop when a customer makes the first purchase, which is not the way we think about growing your business. The new version of this funnel continues marketing to customers far beyond the first purchase. This builds a long-lasting relationship between the company and client and helps ensure repeat business to continue growing your brand (and increase your LTV per customer). Learn more about the email marketing funnel strategy in the previous post overviewing the strategy.

How Many Steps Are Involved?

There are several steps involved in creating an email marketing funnel, and each step is just as important as the last. This post will outline how to create a great first impression with your potential buyers. Making a lasting impression is important, as it will often determine if the lead will continue to open your emails, or if you will be placed into the trash bin.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step to creating the perfect email marketing funnel involves sending hot leads and potential buyers emails loaded with useful content to create something meaningful for them. No one likes to sign up for an email list and immediately be bombarded with sales pitches and product descriptions. These are definitely things to avoid during this crucial first step.

In order to secure potential buyers and capture their interest, you need to position your brand as a leader in the industry. The best way to do this is to provide tons of helpful and useful information pertaining to your chosen niche. Buyers love free gifts and this can be a great motivator to entice people to sign up for your email list, too!

What Can I Use To Get More Subscribers?

Some free things that you can offer are email courses, free downloads, or even a free video series that touches on and explains various topics that your products or services align with. These are great because they are low-cost to make but make signing up for a subscription almost irresistible.

Email courses are great because they show information in bite-size segments that are easy for the reader to digest. They offer value to the would-be customer, and being free, can feel like an incredible steal. You can also use an email course as a funnel on its own, making the beginning emails very topic- and information-focused and using the last email to hard-sell your product or service.

Free downloads are next in line and also provide an incredible value for the customer. They can be anything from a simple PDF highlighting a few blog posts that introduce the niche topics and your brand to cheat-sheet-style documents that provide the customer with the exact thing that they are looking for. Examples of free downloads are an ultimate guide on a certain topic or a free tracker subscriber can use either on its own or in conjunction with something else that your company offers.

A video series is fabulous because people love videos. The information is easy to acquire and digest and videos cost very little to make. All that is needed on your end is to come up with a script and film yourself talking about the topics of your choosing. You could even just read blog posts out loud! These are very information-rich and help to establish yourself as an information provider and guide.

What is the First Email I Should Send?

Don’t forget to include a welcome email in this step! This provides an instant chance for the subscriber to engage as soon as they enter their email and this is when you provide the free downloads or the portal to a course or video series if you are using a platform different from your email auto-responder. The welcome email should be crafted to be inviting, engaging, and informational to your customer.

Why is This Step Important?

By providing these information-rich and brand-relevant emails, you are setting yourself up to create a lasting relationship with your customer. When you don’t immediately bombard your customer with sales pitch after sales pitch, you are showing your subscribers that you actually care about them and not just their money. Additionally, people view free email courses and downloads as something that is of great value, further increasing the relationship.

These emails also give your customer a chance to get to know you and your brand. This creates trust and a client who trusts you is more likely to buy from you. Subscribers learn more about why they need your products and services and this sets you up to pitch your products later without seeming unnatural. Remember, people do not generally enjoy being forced to purchase items. You need to make them realize this is something they need and make it feel like it was their idea in the first place.

How Do I Create These Free Products?

Sure, this all sounds great, but it might also seem like a lot of work. Information-rich content? Free downloads? Email courses? This all might sound like you will need to invest a lot of time and energy into creating these things but you do not necessarily have to double your workload to come up with this content. These people are likely completely new to you and your brand so repurposing content is a great strategy.

The first thing to do is come up with a list of problems that the products and services you offer solve. Once you have these, you can use them as a baseline to create topics for email courses or free downloads. You can then decide upon what the best way to deliver this information to your leads. If you already have a blog, website content, or emails set to deliver some information, you can take that and revitalize it into the email funnel strategy.

Make a list of relevant blog posts or other information. Take snippets of each one and translate it into email or ebook form. This will become a free product that you are going to offer. Now all you have to do is create a landing page offering the free product that urges leads to sign up and you are all set to get started! A landing page highlights what you are offering and makes it super simple for the person to be added to your email list, increasing subscribers.

What is the Next Step?

Make sure that the information that you are providing is relevant to your niche, solves a problem that the customer might be experiencing and that the information will naturally lead to your products and services. You will formulate your sales pitch in later steps, which start in the next post. The sooner you get started on your first step, the sooner customers will be wanting to buy what you have to offer!