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Social Media Packages / Social Media Management Packages Review

The following post will cover the following:

  • The importance of social media for brands

  • Our personal experience using various social media agencies

  • Contact us to get connected with our recommended social media vendor that offers social media packages / social media management packages

The importance of social media for brands

In today’s day and age, it’s very rare for a company or brand to not be on social media. You can’t afford to be absent on social media because your competitors sure as heck are going to be present. You have to be where your customers are. Customers increasingly turn to social media during their buying consideration phase. Brands with large followings, strong engagement and attractive content will without a doubt receive a majority of potential consumer purchases over a brand with lackluster social accounts. Plain and simple, social media is no longer optional. And since you have to do it, you might as well do it well and right.

With that being said, social media has become another daunting initiative that brands MUST take on. Every social network has different rules, norms and cadences. It’s not like you can just create 1 form of content and post it everywhere. You have to dissect each channel and treat it as its own entity. Sure you can reuse and position similar content for multiple channels, but it takes times to do such.

Due to the nature of the tedious, but important task, of being active on social media with content that is “on-brand”, tons of social media agencies have popped up. We’re constantly being asked by clients for recommendations on which social media packages they should choose and from which social media agency.

Our experience using various social media agencies

We’ve been building a few of our own internal brands so we’ve used these brands as an opportunity to test various social media content agencies / social media management companies as well as social media content freelancers before recommending services to clients that we’ve never tested ourselves.

We definitely felt the pain that our clients alluded to with there being so many social media packages being offered.

The process of getting on-boarded with a lot of these agencies took way too long. From first contact to signing the agreement to getting the first post created for social accounts took about 6 weeks for most of the agencies we ended up working with.

Additionally, the quality of work and timeliness with most was sub par. Definitely not what you’d expect from companies who claim to be the best and only focus on social media management.

Here are 3 things to watch for when picking a social media freelancer or agency

  1. Versatility

    It’s important that whoever is managing your social media content is adept at both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of social media management. They should be able to have a good eye for branding, aesthetic and design. They should also be to report on measurables such as engagement on content, growth and provide statistics on the best strategies for a social brand.

  2. Domain experience

    Social media is a large landscape. There a social media agencies that work specifically with dentists, realtors, healthcare companies, etc. Just because an agency/freelancer has experience in one particular field does not make them qualified to create content and strategize for another. Always make sure to check for their experience in your particular field.

  3. Accessible

    Accessibility! Everyday there are new opportunities to create content relative to what’s going on in the world today. So it’s important that your social media agency or freelancers stays up to date on world events. It’s also critical that they are accessible to you. Whether you have content ideas or strategies, building a social media effort is going to be a collaborative effort. Figure out how you would like to best communicate with a social media manager and make sure the company you works with complies.

I’d rate all the firms but one (you’ll read more about the one we liked below) 3 out of 5 stars. With the firm we like being a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Recommended social media agency

We were fortunate to find an agency that we’ve now used a couple times with very consistent results. This agency has standardized social media management packages that all have correlating social media management pricing packages. Overall, as mentioned above, we’d rate this agency a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Because we want this brand to be able to focus on our own accounts, we are not going to share it publicly. If we were to share it openly here, they would likely receive a ton of inquiries and we’d like to be cognizant of their time and bandwidth constraints.

However, we would be willing to connect you with them if you’re serious about your social channels as we don’t want to waste their time. After we connect you with them, they’d be able to provide you with relevant information on the social media packages they offer along with social media management pricing.

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