Top Revenue Producing E-commerce Email Marketing Flows

At Boundless Labs we’re constantly chatting with e-commerce brands about the top revenue producing email marketing flows that we setup for our clients to ensure we’re extracting the most revenue we can from their subscribers.

Here are the top revenue produce email marketing flows every successful e-commerce brand MUST be sending.

  1. The Welcome Series

    This is your first chance as a brand to set the tone with your new subscribers. Consumers have become so accustomed to entering their email into a pop-up on your website that promises them a discount or free shipping, that consumers seek out these pop-ups and then go into their email to find the relevant code from you before they purchase.

    At the bare minimum you need AT LEAST 1 welcome email but having 3-4 emails in a welcome series is ideal.

    One thing to note is that your first welcome email will likely generate more than revenue than the others combined but it’s really important to have a welcome series that educates new subscribers about your brand and products.

  2. Abandoned Cart Series

    The abandoned cart series is one of the biggest revenue drivers for obvious reasons. Your subscribers have expressed a ton of interest as they literally did everything but purchased.

    Often times the reason they didn’t purchase wasn’t because they didn’t want to but more along the lines of they got distracted, or that maybe shipping was too expensive, or even that there was an error on your website that prevented them from purchasing.

    So being able to follow-up with them reminding them and refreshing them on the item(s) they left behind combined with a discount or free shipping offer is a really great way to convert these interested subscribers.

  3. Browser Abandonment Email

    This is one that not a lot of brands know about. While it isn’t as effective as the abandoned cart series, it does do a pretty job at converting subscribers as you know what products they viewed, and are therefore interested in.

    By sending potential customers reminders of what they viewed and enticing them to purchase by offering a discount is a great way to incentivize a purchase.

  4. Customer Thank You Email

    Thanking customers who purchase is an incredible way to build a bond with them. You have the opportunity to let them know the impact their purchase has on your business which makes them feel good about it and helps remove buyer remorse.

    We recommend sending a customer thank you email to first time buyers and a separate customer thank you to email to repeat purchasers.

  5. Customer Winback Email

    As you can imagine, it’s easier to get people to purchase from us a second time than it is to get them to make that first purchase (pending the first purchase was a positive one). So this customer winback email engages customers who haven’t purchased from you in a few months to come back and make another purchase.

    Sending them an update about what new and trending products you released along with a special discount is a great way to push them to purchase from you again.

At Boundless Labs we’re obsessed with email marketing. So much so, that we primarily focus only on offering email marketing services to our clients. As a result of spending so much time building and managing email marketing programs for our clients, we’ve become one of the top email marketing agencies in the world. Yes you heard me correctly, we truly have become one of the top full service email marketing agencies out there (and we have endless case studies and client testimonials to prove it!).

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article, please reach out to me directly via email ( or even on LinkedIn if you’d prefer to connect with me on there.

Chase Dimond